Selling a Diamond FAQ

We've detailed how easy it is to deal with Large Diamond Buyers USA on our page Diamond Buying. However, below we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions about getting the most value when you sell your diamond.

I have an appraisal. Will that be the price offered to buy my diamond for?

Appraisals are usually created by a specialist for insurance or other purposes. And, to some extent, they represent one appraisers opinion of the diamond. They actual cash value which we will offer you will likely differ from the appraised value.

Does a certified Diamond sell for more than a non-certified diamond?

Certification can be helpful in the diamond buying process, but certification, in and of itself, does not increase the value of a diamond. For more information please see our guide to the diamond selling process.

How long does it take to receive my payment?

Our professional diamond buyers are pre-authorized to make on-the-spot cash transactions. You'll receive payment immediately, if the transaction is in person. For other situations, contact us to find out what the speediest payment method available will be.

Would my diamond be worth more if I obtained a certification for it?

Generally, no. A certification does not change the diamond's characteristics, and is usually a "replacement" value to insure against a loss. Thus, most certifications give an absolute maximum value, which may not be accurate at the time of sale (due to market conditions, for example). Our buyers do their own expert assessment, and try to give the highest possible appraisal. In short: the price of obtaining the certification would be more than the theoretical value increase, if any, of the same diamond without certification.